Program Introduction 課程簡介:
這個課程總共有十堂課,一堂40 ~ 60分鐘。由多位於藥廠或臨床試驗公司資深專業經理級人員擔任講師,介紹藥廠與臨床試驗公司之主要部門、負責的工作,與各專業部門內的不同職務與分工。希望學員們可以藉由參與這個課程,了解藥廠與臨床試驗公司的實務運作,並進而發掘自己的興趣,並再就學員個人之興趣領域,而選擇其他專業課程繼續進一步的專業學習。

This program consists of 10 courses and one course lasts 40-60 mins. The lecturers are experienced professions working in either pharmaceutical companies or CROs, and the program will introduce the main departments in pharmaceutical companies and CROs, the responsible daily tasks and the different roles in each professional dept. Through the participation in this program, it would expect the participants could understand the daily operation in pharmaceutical companies and CROs; therefore, participants could explore personal interests and further participant the other professional programs to get the knowledge in each professions.