Program Introduction 課程簡介:
這個課程總共有十五堂課,一堂40 ~ 60分鐘。由二至三位於藥廠與臨床試驗公司資深臨床試驗專業經理人擔任講師,講述臨床試驗之實務,特別針對由試驗委託者與臨床試驗公司端如何執行臨床試驗。試驗監測人員(Monitor) / 臨床試驗專員 (CRA) 於臨床試驗中亦扮演相當重要的角色,因此本課程特別針對臨床試驗監測人員(Monitor/ CRA)之日常工作與應具備的技能,深入淺出的設計一連串課程。希望學員們可以藉由參與這個課程,充分了解臨床試驗監測人員之工作及獲得基本實務技能,並進而評估自己是否適合擔任臨床試驗監測人員/臨床試驗專員之工作。<修習本課程前,需先完成臨床試驗基礎課程>
This program consists of 15 courses and one course lasts 40-60 mins. The lecturers are experienced clinical trial professions working in pharmaceutical companies and global CROs, and the program will focus on the daily operation at sponsor and CRO end. A role also plays an important role in the clinical research, and it is so called Monitor or Clinical Research Associate (CRA). This program was designed to the participants who are interested in CRA job and participant will gain the operational knowledge and basic requirement to monitor clinical studies.